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XR Platform Reset

XR Platform Reset is a multifaceted Extended Reality content creation company. We utilize our talents in the vast field of virtual reality to create highly immersive content for the real estate industry. Stand out online with 3D and AR interactive advertising. Embed content on social media platforms, websites, and track analytics.

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Virtual Reality Services For Real Estate

Virtual Reality is currently the primary focus in the real estate world. It gives a captivating experience that allows the end-user to place themselves within the home that the real estate agent is showing. Your clients will have the ability to tour a property using 360 technology, end- users will experience how the home will feel and how the space will appear.
XR Platform Reset offers our virtual reality services at a reasonable rate.

  • Create 360 panoramas and share-online
  • Upload, edit, and share immersive 360 virtual tours of your Business, Commercial, and Residential space
  • Users can create and share 360 tours by uploading 360 panoramic images to our virtual tour creator
  • Virtual tours created by users can be viewed with any VR headset, mobile, and desktop devices: Using QR code or URL link






Exterior/Interior Rendering Content

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Products
  • Virtual 360/Ariel

AR/VR Interactive Content

  • Virtual Showings
  • 360 Panorama Images
  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Tags for key features
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Animated Floor Plans
  • Room Dimensions
  • Add Embedded 360 VR/AR tours on the web

Animation Content

  • 3D Animation Walkthrough
  • Interior/Exterior Photo Realistic Images
  • Flythrough 3D Animation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Marketing that Moves
  • Marketing Experiences

2D/3D Plans Content

  • Floor Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Elevation Plans
  • Garden Designs
  • Office Layout

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  • We are an online business social media agency that provides immersive content that will appeal to your clients.
  • We offer more than the conventional marketing methods that will grow your sales, increase exposure online that will bring more customers and increase revenue.
  • A business that knows where they are going will always find people to get them there; XR Platform Reset will get you there.

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